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Silt Density Index Measurement
made easy, accurate and reliable.

The simpleSDI silt density index meter makes Silt Density Index testing so easy that it's actually a pleasure. The time-consuming manual SDI test with it's errors and inaccuracies is a thing of the past.

simplSDI silt density index tester

Extremely Accurate: Microprocessor precision plus high resolution flow measurement provides silt density index test accuracy and repeatability far beyond hand testing.

Battery Powered and light weight for true portability. Up to 13 hours of testing between charges.

Performs SDI-5, SDI-10 and SDI-15 tests in both 100ml and 500ml sample sizes for more meaningful silt density index results and a complete picture of filter plugging.

Standards compliant 47 mm membranes for lowest cost, worldwide availability. Our membranes meet the new ASTM D4189-07 standard for silt density index testing.

SeaWater Compatible: Fully non-ferrous water path is compatible with sea water and other corrosive waters.

Continuous flow readout (mL/min) provides detailed information in real-time of the rate of filter plugging. This data can be used to manually plot Modified Fouling Index (MFI)-like data.

Built to the ASTM D 4189-07 standard for silt density index testing accuracy and repeatability greatly exceed the criteria of the silt density index standard.

Linear, precise pressure regulation for accurate results even on high SDI waters. Provides set-it-and-forget-it convenience.

Rugged, durable, reliable. Carefully selected components ensure years of trouble-free silt density index testing.

In-field calibration and repair. Modular design for easy field repairs. Sensor calibration is easy to perform in the field.

Audible alerts notifies the operator at the end of the silt density index test as well as if any errors have occurred.

Clear, easy to read LCD display prompts the operator through the test procedure and displays current test data while silt density index tests are underway.