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simpleSDI Silt Density Index Tester
Technical Info and Specifications


| Battery Type
| Battery Life
| Battery Capacity
| Power Supply

Water Supply Requirements
| Feed Pressure
| Minimum flow rate
| Solids

Tests Performed
| SDI-5
| SDI-10
| SDI-15
| Flow measurement

Membrane Filter Info
| Polymer
| Form
| Pore Size
| Surface/Color
| Thickness
| ASTM D4189-07

RoHS Compliance
CE Compliance

Wide: 10.75 (273) Deep: 9.75 (248) High: 5 (127) Inch(mm)
5 pounds

6 Volt, 1.3 AH, Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Approximately 5 years of typical usage.
Approximately 13 hours of testing.
110VAC-9VDC 500ma (U.S.)
220VAC-9VDC 500 ma (international)

35 psi (2.4 bar) minimum, 100 psi (6.9 bar) maximum*
1.4 Liters per minute at 35 psi at start of test
Free of large solids. Filter to 50 micron minimum. (Cleanable 50 micron filter included in kit)
*A booster pump kit is available for use on water supplies with insufficient pressure.

SDI-5, 100ml and 500ml sample volumes
SDI-10, 100ml and 500ml sample volumes
SDI-15, 100ml and 500ml sample volumes
Continuous real-time display in mL/min

Mixed Cellulose Ester (nitrocellulose)
47 mm dia disc
0.45 micron
145 micron

simpleSDI is compliant by exemption
Emission: EN 61000-6-3:2007
Immunity: EN 61000-6-1:2007